For our culture to reflect Christian values, leaders in the arts, business, education, government, and media must embrace those values in every area of their lives.

However, 50% of our nation’s most influential leaders are products of Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton, and Yale— some of our most secular, anti-God colleges.

Today, nine out of ten students at these institutions have little to no regular Christian influence in their lives.

Students of faith attending these eight universities find themselves besieged by temptations and radical secular teachings.  They find precious few resources to support their devotion to Christ. Non-Christian students have virtually no opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ during their time on campus.

How fundamentally different our culture might be...

...if these very influential and currently secular universities were to actively develop spiritually mature Christian leaders.

The vision of a Christ-centered society drove Matt Bennett, a graduate of Cornell, to found Christian Union in 2002.

This ministry focuses on developing devout Christian leaders by employing experienced seminary-trained fellows who provide serious biblical teaching and one-on-one mentorship for leadership training. These closely mentored students learn to integrate their intellectual lives and future vocations with their Christian faith so they can have maximum impact as Christian leaders.

Leadership ministry centers close to campus, operated by Christian Union, provide resource libraries and meeting spaces for lectures, fellowship meals and prayer gatherings, and organizational meetings.

Christian Union is also active in broad evangelistic outreach through public debates and speakers, distribution of relevant books, and expressions of Christian kindness.

Sponsor a student … shape our future

In most cases, what a student believes on campus will be the philosophy by which he or she lives and leads for the remainder of his or her life. We have four short years to help form that philosophy into one that will have the most positive effect on them as individuals and on our society. This is a window of opportunity we can’t afford to let close!

For the sake of these students, and to shape the influence they will have on our culture, Christian Union offers a sponsorship program to help them grow as faithful Christian leaders.

You can help raise up godly leaders

As a student sponsor, you can participate in the life of a university student in a personal and spiritual way.

Christian Union depends on the support of dedicated friends like you to bring the Gospel to these campuses and develop our future leaders. Please prayerfully consider sponsoring a student. This is a critical time for our country and for each of the students you have the opportunity to reach.

You have two options for student sponsorship: Growth Sponsorship, which helps Christian students develop their potential as godly leaders, and Outreach Sponsorship, which helps introduce future leaders to Christ.

Growth Sponsorship: Influence Future Leaders

As a Growth Sponsor, your monthly gifts and prayers will benefit a specific student who has come to the university as a practicing Christian or has come to know Christ on campus. For $100 a month, you will provide focused, one-on-one mentoring, in-depth Bible studies, and a broad range of other resources and support throughout their entire college experience.

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Outreach Sponsorship: Introduce Future Leaders to Christ

As an Outreach Sponsor, you can bring light to a campus filled with spiritual darkness by reaching out to a specific unchurched or non-Christian student. For $20 a month, you will help our ministry staff engage this student to learn about God, come to faith, and know the Lord through various campus events and expressions of kindness.

To learn more about becoming an Outreach Sponsor,

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Special Sponsorship Gift

Your one-time gift to the Student Sponsorship Program grows students at some of the most influential, and secular, universities into Christian world-changers. Your donation also provides resources to share the Gospel in culturally relevant ways with unbelieving students.

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